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The Groundbreaking Approach to Activate Your Company's Greatest Possibiliites

There is One Direction Above All Others That Will Lead Your Company to Its Greatest Possibilities

Do You Know Yours?

Every person, in fact, every human system including companies and organizations, has a framework of beliefs and a resulting worldview that establish a trajectory of possibilities and potential. For a company, among all of these possible perspectives, there is one set of beliefs and worldview that can lead to the company's greatest set of possibilities. While discerning it is challenging, it is knowable.

An Ancient Tool for a Modern Challenge

While technology accelerates, giving you massive new levers, has your imagination leaped ahead as far? StoryWork International brings you a new model for imagining your possibilities. The tool is not new but its application is. The vehicle to unlock 'Your Possible' is story.

  • Story, properly employed, can open our minds to opportunities unavailable through incremental, linear thinking.
  • Story uniquely activates imagination, solves problems, builds commitment, and reveals paths that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Those who understand how to master the human narrative will be profoundly positioned to lead, to heal, and to envision a better world that is capable of fulfilling all of our deepest aspirations.

Are You Tapping the Unbridled Spirit of Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration in Your Company?

An Organization's Greatest Possibilities Reside in Its MasterStoryline and the Integration of the MasterStorylines of Each Department and Team

StoryWork International is devoted to taking the power of story to a new level of impact—tapping the unbridled spirit of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

To this end, StoryWork International has created an invaluable approach to accelerate leaders’ ability to tap the potential of their people, of their organizations, and of themselves to discover and realize ‘their Possible’ and produce breakthrough results. We call it 'StoryStorming.'

In contrast to brainstorming, StoryStorming takes your leadership team on an exploration and excavation of your company in greater depth, revealing deeper truths, and most importantly, greater possibilities. Story is our native language. It's how we relate to the world and our experience in it. To assist companies to discover their MasterStory, we harness the power of storytelling, whether it be through the telling of stories about things that have occurred in the organization and asking what these stories reveal about the most valuable qualities of the organization; or, through the act of creative storytelling about characters in the future who are experiencing the company’s ideal self. Through the debriefing of those experiences, both real and imagined, we help you to discover the deeper truth and reason for the being of your company.

Our Leadership Team

Richard Stone.jpg

Richard Stone, CEO

Richard Stone is a nationally recognized speaker and author on the power of storytelling and its applications in business, healthcare, and education.

Scott Livengood.jpg

Scott Livengood, Chairman

Scott Livengood, owner and CEO of Dewey's Bakery, Inc., has used the power of story to inform his thinking about branding, marketing, and business strategy during his 40-year career.




LivingStories in the News

May 26, 2017

Recently Sharon Nelson, the Program Manager for Integrative Arts at Novant Health, was interviewed by the local public radio station about the launch of LivingStories at Forsyth Medical Center. Listen to her interview here:

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Giving a Talk to HR Professionals on Discovering Your “Why”

May 11, 2017  

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Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center launches LivingStories – a program based in life narrative interview research, where volunteers help patients share positive memories to lessen anxiety and promote coping skills

May 5, 2017

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in partnership with StoryWork International certified our first class of LivingStories volunteers on May 3. LivingStories is a free program for patients at Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center. Based in extensive research around Life Narrative Interviews, specially trained volunteers visit patients to conduct LivingStories reflective conversations. Patients…

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Stone Leads Storytelling Program for Students and Parents: Program Builds on Research that Demonstrates that Families Sharing Stories Help Children Become More Resilient and Develop Higher Levels of Self-Esteem

September 7, 2016

On Friday, August 26th Richard Stone, the CEO of StoryWork International, led a program of discovery through the power of storytelling for the Cherokee Creek Boys School in Westminster, SC. Annually, the school hosts a retreat quarterly seminars for the students and their parents to give them an opportunity to reconnect and explore new paradigms…

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The Healing Art of Storytelling

A Sacred Journey

of Personal Discovery

By Richard Stone

Stories: Family Legacy Cover

Stories: The Family Legacy

A Guide for

Recollection and Sharing

By Richard Stone

Your Reason for Being Book Cover

Your Reason for Being

How to Discover It,

And How to Live it

By Scott Livengood

"Those who can vividly envision the storylines that run into their future become masters of the their 'Possible', giving them a durable perspective that will serve them and their companies for years to come."

—Richard Stone


"The story you embrace, consciously or unconsciously, will define the way you experience the world, whether it will be one filled with wonder, possibilities, and miracles or one dominated by limits, doubts, and fears."

—Scott Livengood


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