The Key to Nonprofit Fundraising

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Propel Your Organization to a New Level of Giving Through the Art of Storytelling

In this one-day program your professional fundraising staff and board members will learn how the art of storytelling can help you develop effective relationships with potential donors.

  • Relying on age-old principles of communication, you’ll discover how stories can emotionally engage donors in your mission
  • How stories give potential donors an emotional stake in your organizations' success.
  • How to deploy fundamental tools for collecting and developing your stories that can be re-purposed for a variety of fundraising activities.

The Program

  • Relies on experiential exercises to teach essential tools in the art of storytelling in conjunction with some lecture and discussion.
  • There are also opportunities to role-play new skills as well as to share stories with other participants.
  • The program sets you on the path to building a body of stories that can expand your fundraising repertoire.

Start Improving Your Fundraising Effectiveness Today!

Learn how StoryWork International can help your nonprofit organization reach new heights in donations.

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At the conclusion, you will be able to:

  • Effectively recall and tell a story.
  • Match stories with your mission and values.
  • Create a beginning compilation of stories that you can immediately use in fundraising efforts.
  • Use stories to enhance fundraising activities, including personal solicitation calls and speeches.
  • Identify potential storytellers among staff and volunteer members of the organization.
  • Effectively elicit stories from these people about your organization’s success in contributing to the quality of life of the people they serve.