Mutual Value Promise

Build a More Powerful Business that Engages the Hearts and Minds of Your Team

Over the past year StoryWork International has helped our sister companies, Dewey’s Bakery and Salem Baking Company, develop a new model to create a more conscious enterprise that benefits all stakeholders, including our team, in new and powerful ways. It’s a revolutionary approach to business. If you’re ready to create a more conscious business, we can show you how. Here’s how the Mutual Value Promise (MVP) works.

  • To become a leader in your field requires a team effort.
  • To accomplish this goal, every team member must be earnestly committed, both individually and collectively, to the success and realization of our companies’ fullest potential.
  • Your company’s leadership team needs to be earnestly committed to the realization of each team member’s fullest potential.

It Starts with Clearly Delineated Expectations

  • For every team member, including hourly staff
  • Explicitly put together a rewarding benefits packages, including generous pay incentives that they would receive for helping the company achieve its goals.

Here’s what we told the staff:

  • We expect you to step up to the challenge of being your best and to be self-led (your direction and motivation come from within).
  • We expect you to be selfless (showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others).

Here’s what we told them they could expect from the Company:

  • We will provide you with coaching and encouragement.
  • We will make it possible for you to earn a bonus every quarter for your individual and your team’s success. We want you to control your opportunity to earn more!
  • In jobs where it makes sense, we will provide the opportunity to move from Crew to Core to Coach. You will also have the potential to move to higher compensated jobs in the company.



Build in Accountability

  • Assess how individuals are doing. We created a simple metric called SCORE. Assess factors like:
    • Managing paperwork effectively
    • General performance
    • Keeping the workspace clean and organized
    • Excellent attendance record
    • Being empathetic—demonstrating care for fellow employees, and feeling responsible for their well-being as well as one’s own.
  • Assess how teams are doing. Assess criteria like:
    • Production margin
    • Safety record

Create Industry Leading Benefits

At Dewey’s and Salem Baking Company, we have provided all staff, including our hourly employees, a robust healthcare plan along with company matching contributions to a 401K investment plan. While these kinds of benefits seem out of sync with the trends of the last decade, we believe that they are not only the right thing to do, we also believe that they make for good business. Turnover is down, and our profits are up significantly.

Transform Your Business Today

Learn more about how StoryWork International can assist your company to institute a more conscious approach to realizing your potential. Contact us today to discuss bringing MVP to your company.