Lead with Stories

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Propel Young Leaders' Ability to Lead Through Expert Use of the Power of Story to Communicate, Persuade, and Engage

StoryWork International believes that stories make up an essential aspect of your life as a leader, and if used consciously and intentionally, story can be one of your biggest assets. That’s right, STORY — an ancient human art that is finding new vitality as a fresh and powerful leadership skill that you can learn to use effectively.

Stories can help you:

  • Change organizational culture
  • Reinforce and revitalize your company’s existing norms and values
  • Focus attention on a particular issue or point.
  • Improve presentations
  • Energize employees and colleagues
  • Create a shared vision
  • Establish a common framework for important work.

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Why Does Storytelling Work?

Storytelling works as a leadership tool because it:

  • Enables leaders to influence listeners
  • Focuses leaders' attention
  • Stimulates recall
  • Generates empathy
  • Breaks down barriers
  • Moves listeners to action
  • Enables leaders to make critical points and teach important lessons in subtle but lasting ways.