Build Your Bankable Story

Srart Up

A Program for Entrepreneurs and
Start-ups Seeking Funding

Compelling stories that succinctly and passionately answer the big questions in funders’ minds are proven to be more successful in helping start-ups achieve their funding goals. 

What You'll Learn

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Construct your “bankable story” to engage angel investors and alternative revenue sources such as crowd funding to support your business start-up.
  • Develop a compelling story that will answer the important questions that investors ask, like:
    • What’s the big deal with your technology/company?
    • What difference will it make in the lives of people?
    • Why would anyone pay attention to your company?
    • Why would they care?
    • What’s the story of your journey to this point and what challenges have you had to overcome to solve this problem?
    • What is your start-up story?
    • How is your solution different from and better than other concepts or offerings in the marketplace?
    • How does your offering match up with market needs?



Build a Bridge to Your Potential Investors

Build Your Bankable Story will show you how to make the technical comprehensible, interesting, and appealing to an investor, building their confidence in you and your leadership team. Perhaps most important of all, your Bankable Story will paint a powerful picture of your vision for the world if you're successful doing what you have set out to accomplish, and make funders fall in love with your product or service.

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