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Do You Know Where Your Company's Greatest Value Resides?

Learn How You Can Help Your Organization Realize Its Greatest Possibilities

To create a set of dynamics to propel your organization’s discovery of its greatest potential, we believe that you must begin with a deep and passion-filled understanding of where your company’s greatest value resides. Once crystallized, this vision can activate the imagination of every staff member, leading to a fully engaged and inspired workforce.
We call this journey your MasterStory.


The greatest possible success your organization can achieve is a function of three foundational pillars:

1.The power of your proposition—your value to the market.

2.The power of your purpose—your value to the world.

3.The power of your people—your ability to attract, retain, and engage the best.

Naturally, the greater the strength of each pillar, and the greater the synergy of all three, the greater the potential of your organization.

Traditional approaches to organizational transformation predicated solely on creating “shareholder value” sub-optimize your organization’s prospects, often looking past the importance and value of the pillars of purpose and people. 

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We believe the greatest potential of any human system, whether it be a company, a department, or an individual, flows from a higher calling and purpose. When each of those human systems understand their core purpose, and each can consciously connect the realization of their own to the others, the greatest possibilities of each has the potential to be realized. This is a company’s, a department’s, and an individual’s “why,” its most deeply held belief, driving force, and source of inspiration for everything it does. 

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A 5-Step Transformation Process

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Alignment with Your MasterStory Authentically and Meaningfully Aligns Your Company with Emerging Consumer Purchasing Motivations and Behavior

Companies That Embrace Their MasterStory Exceed Performance Expectations


A MasterStory is not just something nice to have. The data backs up the value of this approach: investment returns for companies that have adopted a conscious, purposeful approach to doing business have seen returns of 1025% over the past 10 years, compared to only 122% for the S&P 500 and 316% for the companies profiled in the bestselling book “Good to Great”—companies selected purely on the basis of their ability to deliver superior returns to investors.[1]

Additionally, we have the direct experience of employing the MasterStory process in our own sister company—Dewey’s Bakery—with great success. In fact, since acquiring the company in 2006, sales have climbed over 400%, a CAGR of greater than 18%. 

Developing your MasterStory also makes consummate sense from several other important perspectives.

[1] Only Conscious Capitalists Will Survive,, Jeff King, CEO of Barkley, an independent ad agency, and Jeff Fromm, executive VP at Barkley and co-author Marketing To Millennials.”

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Conclusion: Customers want to hear about your products and even your story, but they also make buying decisions based on the purpose behind your brand. 

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Alignment with Your MasterStory Authentically and Meaningfully Positions Your Company to Attract and Retain the Best and Brightest

Understanding a company’s purpose helps employees answer the question, “Do I belong here?” This is a significant question for millennials who want jobs to have meaning. Leaders and managers must ensure these employees can answer “yes” to that question.

The news is filled with reports of how millennials are different from previous generations. They are, and companies with a MasterStory will be substantially more attractive to them. Millennials are demanding a different kind of contract that puts a premium on engagement, meaning, and purpose.The Gallup organization has found that millennials require an overarching sense of organizational purpose — a connection to the “big picture” of why the company exists and what it brings to the world. As part of a positive and idealistic generation, millennials want to understand how their jobs fit into the grander scheme of things — and they want to feel good about that connection.

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Organizations should ensure that millennials understand the organization’s purpose and how it ties back to their individual work and priorities. Leaders and managers must talk about mission and purpose on an ongoing basis, encouraging employees to ask questions and providing them with examples of what living the mission looks like. They should also be intentional about recognizing employees when they see them acting on the organizational mission or purpose. Unfortunately, only 1 in 4 millennials have heard someone talk about how their daily work connects with their organization’s mission and purpose in the past seven days.

In an interconnected world of conscious consumers and an ever-growing body of conscious employees who want to know that their work matters, a singular focus on the bottom line is a prescription for disconnecting with them both. A new story is emerging—doing well while doing good.

Developing your MasterStory can put you on this path.

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