The MasterStory Approach to Transforming Education

How Schools Can Author Their Greatest Possibilities

The Promise

There exists a set of greatest possibilities, an ultimate potential a school, its educators, and most importantly, its students can realize. We believe the journey to those possibilities begins with a deep and passion-filled understanding of where a school’s greatest value resides, framing it in a way that activates imagination, and leads to a fully engaged and inspired team of educators.

We call this journey your MasterStory.

The Premise

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We believe the greatest possible success a school can achieve is a function of three foundational pillars.

1  The power of the educational promise and its approach to learning that powerfully engages students.

2 The power of the school’s purpose, including its relevance to a world that is rapidly changing.

3 The strength and commitment of its people, including its ability to attract, retain, and engage the best educators.

The Process

It begins with the school discerning and articulating its MasterStoryline, its “Why.” It is not something to do, to have, a goal, or a tag line. It is a school’s most deeply held belief, driving force and source of inspiration for everything it does. Its discovery and connection to team members emerge through a rigorous, thoughtful process that combines excavation, imagination, and discernment. We believe that the most effective way to imagine and communicate the school’s, each department’s, and each educator’s “Why” is story—not only as a metaphor, but in application. Schools and individuals will not realize more of their potential than their narrative, or story, accommodates and animates. Their story sets a range and trajectory of possibilities. If clearly understood, articulated precisely, communicated well, and modeled consistently, the MasterStoryline becomes the source of organizational unity, elevating the possibilities and potential of all stakeholders—educators, administrators, students, and their parents.

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The Outcome

The product of the MasterStory process is the development of a living document that informs the practice of the whole organization, increasing engagement from all its members. The creation of this new story is a call to action for the school, each department, and each educator to become authors of their destiny, providng an opportunity for all members to share in identifying the school’s foundational ideals that will serve as their “North Star,” providing clarity about what the school as a whole aspires for its future. Individually, the MasterStory provides a compass for each staff member that will guide their efforts in meeting the aspriational needs of each student. The DRIVE Team of expert educators supports the action steps that develop out of this process, providing the customized tools and support structures needed to help bring your MasterStory to life and make it operationally sustainable. Also included in the final deliverables is a video story that illuminates the organization’s MasterStory for internal communication, hiring, and orientation. 

About Our Partner - DRIVE

DRIVE consists of nationally renowned consultants who serve as a force for igniting the spirit of an entire school community. DRIVE consultants are known for their unique ability to build strong, trusting relationships with all involved in the growth and transformation process. They partner with school leadership to analyze relevant school and district data to understand the current school culture, collaborating side by side with leaders to identify what is needed to build a lasting success for all stakeholders. DRIVE works to unite all members of the community around common goals such as improved achievement, decreased problematic behavior, improved relationships between administrators, faculty, and students, building inspired partnerships with parents and the community.

DRIVE and StoryWork International have teamed together to bring the MasterStory Approach to Transforming Education to schools across the United States. We invite you to call us to learn more how you can harness the power of this approach to transform your school.