Our History

While StoryWork International is a relatively new organization, its principals have been working for the past thirty years applying the power of story to myriad challenges in business, healthcare, and education. Richard Stone has been exploring the many approaches to using story as both a tool to enhance creativity, but also as a means to propel leaders in their journey to become more effective in communication and strategy. Scott Livengood has pursued a different journey, using the power of story to inform his corporate life as a leader, and to assist him to grow first Krispy Kreme, and now Dewey’s Bakery into successful enterprises. His work with story has focused on both brand applications and organizational development.

Our Philosophy

We believe that we are on the cusp of one of the most exciting human eras, and that if we better understand the narrative structures that inform our lives and our businesses, we will be equipped to imagine and create new narratives that can support the growth of the human spirit. Story is as essential to us as is air and water, and without it we will wither and die. Those who understand how to master the human narrative will be profoundly positioned to lead, to heal, and to envision a better world that is capable of fulfilling all of our deepest aspirations.